AR/VR design

We will design all types of augmented reality applications - AR/VR/MR - from scratch. Design includes UX/UI, 3D graphics or level design. We work directly with developers in Unity and Unreal engines.

About the service.

What will you get?

  • Working directly with the development team in unity or unreal engine.
  • UX/UI design of your app.
  • Support in elements such as 3D or level design.
  • Functional requirements document.

For who?

  • For companies that want to develop a VR/AR/MR product
  • For companies that develop VR/AR/MR products and need help with design including UX/UI flow creation or 3D models in the Unity 3D engine.
  • For companies that want to create an unusual product, e.g. for marketing purposes.
Min. 4-8 weeks - dependent on scope. Start in 48h after signing the contract.

How does this look in practice?


Understanding and ideation.

The first step, which is always repeated with us, is to carefully develop the project brief. This happens through stakeholder interviews and Design Thinking workshops.

Understanding and ideation. content

Initial concept.

Depending on your needs, we create a video, a storyboard or 3D renders to give you an idea of the final XR application. Several ideas are usually generated at this stage, which are discussed in depth to choose the right one.

Initial concept. content

Blockout or prototype.

Once we know the assumptions, we will create a so-called Blockout, which is a visual proof of concept of the application. At this stage we will create app flow, interface and describe exactly how it works. This will be the vision that we will work on together with the developers.

Blockout or prototype. content

Working with the development team.

Our team is able to completely cover development elements such as the creation of 3D models, level design or UI in the Unity3D engine. The responsibilities of this phase and the next steps are determined individually, depending on the project.

Working with the development team. content

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