UX/UI Consulting and Discovery process implementation

We implement the right business processes and tools, and explain how to approach design in a simple way. A consultant will teach your company from scratch how to approach the design of digital products and what methods to use to do it effectively as possible.

About the service.

What will you get?

  • UX/UI consultant - Senior or Lead
  • Report provided after consultation (description of problems and it’s solutions)
  • Consultation prepared in the form of Design Thinking workshops

For who?

  • For companies that would like to implement design thinking methods into their workflow.
  • For UX/UI teams who would like to better structurize their processes.
  • For companies that want to create a UX/UI department
  • For companies where the design and discovery process is not well structured
Time and costs to be determined individually.

How does this look in practice?


Interviews and workshops.

The first step is to talk to your team and analyse the methods you are working with right now. Interviews take the form of group workshops, but also 1-on-1 interviews.

Interviews and workshops. content

Current state vs. Desired state.

Our consultant will objectively describe what the current state looks like and what the target state of the discovery phase in your organisation should look like. A plan will then be created, describing what gaps need to be filled. Your team will be given 'homework assignments' to help introduce new working methods or tools.

Current state vs. Desired state. content


A consultant will be available to you at any stage to answer questions or consult your individual case. At the end, you will receive a report containing a description of the processes so that you can return to them in the future. We will also recommend you lot of educational materials.

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