UX/UI and Accessibility Audits

We will conduct an in-depth audit of your product, identifying potential problems. We examine the user path, verify accessibility standards or visual issues. At the end, we deliver everything in the form of a PDF report.

About the service.

What will you get?

  • A detailed description of the product and its problems.
  • Report with recovery plan in PDF.

For who?

  • You would like to check and improve accessibility.
  • Your product seems overwhelming and too complex.
  • You get calls about product problems or clients are complaining about the visual side,
  • Your branding is not consistent (or there is not branding) and you would like to improve it.
Min. 1 week - dependent on how complex the website/product is.

How does this look in practice?



The first step is to talk to your team and analyse the product’s functionality and UX/UI design. We look for performance issues, design inconsistencies and review accessibility standards.

Analysis content

Research and empathising.

The second step is to empathise with users, we will find out where they see problems and why your product may be negatively evaluated from their perspective. We will conduct user workshops, qualitative and quantitative interviews if needed.

Research and empathising. content


The final stage is the preparation of a PDF document of the audit, including conclusions from the data and research. We will outline the problems and give you ways to solve them.

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