UX/UI and Discovery outsourcing

We join your organisation as an external Design department and work in full partnership with you, taking over the UX/UI design processes and Discovery phase of projects.

About the service.

What will you get?

  • Full design team 'on demand'.
  • Design processes developed over the years
  • We take on full UX/UI and Discovery responsibilities
  • Ongoing collaboration and representation of your organisation.

For who?

  • For companies that do not have a Design department.
  • For companies that have problems with project pricing and the development process is often protracted.
  • For companies that do not need a Design department on a permanent basis.
  • For companies that need additional support in UX/UI processes
Time and costs to be determined individually depending on the form of cooperation.

How does this look in practice?


We join your organisation.

At the beginning we will get to know your organisation and how it works. We'll determine how we will communicate, what tools we'll be working with, reporting and we will establish the scope of our work in the projects. Everything will be done using our workshop methods to get everything going as quickly as possible.

We join your organisation. content

Woring in your projects.

The next step is to cooperate with your team inside our projects. Using our design Framework, we provide you with everything you need during development. We will make sure that you have to discuss as little as possible with business stakeholders and customers and can focus on showing the results of development.

Woring in your projects. content

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