UX/UI and product design

We create ready-to-implement solutions from scratch. We start with general goals, define requirements and we will guide you through the design process. In the end, you receive a package that contains everything you need to implement the product.

About the service.

What will you get?

  • Ready-to-implement solution and it’s prototype.
  • Functional requirements
  • Design Thinking workshop reports.
  • Handover of the project to the developers and post-project support.

For who?

  • You want to create a digital product from scratch and need a design.
  • You don't know where to start when creating a digital product or startup.
  • You have your product/site and want to add new functionalities or improve existing ones.
  • Previous attempts at development have failed.
Min. 2-8 weeks - dependent on scope. Time and price to be determined individually.

How does this look in practice?



We always start with an initial workshop, or in some cases, a series of several workshops with business stakeholders. We need to understand the environment in which you operate, your business, and your objectives. Then we will describe the business model or value proposition together. The second step is research and gaining knowledge from the market itself. We do this through interviews and competitor analysis.

Understanding. content


Once we have the knowledge and a general description of what we want to do, we will define the details together, describe the functionalities and create priorities. We will also create elements such as user flow or information architecture for your product.

Ideation. content

Solution design.

A stage that requires little commitment on your part. A full design is created, which we regularly discuss with you and redefine if the need arises. When we have finished, you will have a design ready for implementation, requiring no unnecessary questions.

Solution design. content

Handing-over to development team.

We always make sure that any inaccuracies, after (or during) design, will be clarified. One of the designers will support you during development.

Handing-over to development team. content

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