Team expansion

If you need support and don't have experts in UX/UI, Research or Business Analytics at your place - our specialists are ready to help. We also offer the possibility to verify specialists in the above-mentioned fields.

About the service.

What will you get?

  • A specialist in your team for as long as you need.
  • 3-day trial period for free.
  • When it comes to reviewing a specialist for you, we offer our process facilities and support throughout the implementation period.
  • Pewne umiejętności i odpowiedni profil psychologiczny.

For who?

  • For companies that need the support of a specialist for one or more projects.
  • For companies that value flexibility.
  • For companies that want to be confident in a candidate's skills.
  • For companies for whom it is important to match not only the skills but also the psychological profile.
Specialists with different types of experience. Price dependent on the specific person.

How does this look in practice?



We start with an interview to define your goals and needs. If you're not sure which candidate would be ideal, we'll help you decide. Each of our specialists, undergoes training so that they are familiar with our framework and are independent in their work.

Consulting content

Introduction of the candidates.

You will receive from us a few professionals selected for you, a document with their strengths and weaknesses, and a description of their experience. You will be able to have an interview with each of them and choose the right person for you.

Introduction of the candidates. content

Project delivery.

Once you have chosen a specialist, he or she will start working for you. Depending on your needs, he may work on your equipment or ours. However, you are responsible for managing his work and what he will do. The expert will stay with you for as long as you need him.

Project delivery. content

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